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The Cosmic Microwave Background

This work was created as part of the inaugural phase of Audible’s Newark Artist Collaboration.

Image Credits: Rachel Fawn Alban, Courtesy of Audible, Inc.

Self-portraits as super alter egos 

The title “cosmic microwave background” comes from the name of the evidence of the universe’s Big Bang origin. It is a form of light that emanates from the very beginning of our universe, as our own atoms and energy. This collage represents an explosive event of energy and stardust brought to life (us), with its heroes combining energy, multiculturalism, creative power and timelessness. 
For this site, I wished to combine my research on patterns with the environments of astrophysics, comic books and superheroes, all fascinating and inspiring fields in my life as an artist and a mother.
The people of our community are posing as superheroes covered in patterns inspired by the cultural diversity of Newark and the immense world that emanates from the imagination of a child.



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