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Insular, Islands for sale

A sculpture series, core samples, acrylic paint, variable size, 2014/2018.


Often represented in our projects, we find urban elements that are removed from their daily context. We try to create a dialogue between public and private space by highlighting, erasing or transforming these objects.

We live in the city of Heraklio where construction was one of the most important development sectors.

In 2014, due to the economic crisis, the Greek state began to privatize land, including some islands. Many construction sites found themselves at a standstill, still under construction, "in concrete", as one would say in Greek. Our islands are concrete core samples "carrots" (used to test the properties of materials) collected on these sites, sculpted and painted to become small islands in turn, offered "for sale" giving visitors the opportunity to project themselves as buyers of a paradox, a concrete core, an Island surrounded

by Mediterranean splendor.

(thanks to Xenofon Pastrimas for technical assistance)

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