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QUESTIONNAIRE for participants :

1 / Where did you grow up? 

2 / Tell us a happy memory of your childhood

3 / What does a happy place look like to you?

4/ Name some (6-12) important objects from your personal/family life 

​- The objects can be both existing and from the past. 
5/ Tell us 2 favorite colors, one dominant and one complimentary

​6/ Can you elaborate on the choice of these colors?

7/ What color describes your home?

8/ What color describes your immediate environment 

9/ Are there any patterns that are important for you?

10/ Do you have a favorite plant/flower that is important to you?

​11/ Are there any aspects of nature that connect to your own personal story?

12/ Are there any animals that you associate with your personal / family history? 

13/ Tell us of your favorite food/food preparations, fruit, vegetables, family staples 

14/ What can you tell us about your heritage that is important in your own personal history?

15/ What is the best way to describe your attachment to Newark?

16/ Can you tell us a bit about your family's history and heritage?

17/ Are there any specific traditions or cultural practices that are important to you or your family?

18/ Are there any significant events or experiences in your family's history that have had an impact on who you are today?

19/ How do you currently express or celebrate your heritage and culture?

20/ Are there any local or community landmarks or sites that hold special significance to you or your family?

21/ Are there any aspects of your heritage or culture that you feel aren't represented or visible in the community?

22/ Are there any future shared vision or heritage you would like to promote in the community?

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