White collar, A4 copy paper and wood, 2018.

Eirini Linardaki and her partner Vincent Parisot, have made a circular floor installation of pleated white paper. The work’s round format can be read as the circuitous language of politics and can also be associated with completion. Their work sits on a hand-made wooden base that allows audience members to don it and have their picture taken. The work’s shape is reminiscent of the called (fraise) collar or neck ruff, worn by the sitter in (portrait of Man) by El Greco. This collar, was a 16th century symbol of position meant to emphasize the sitter’s facial features but, was made in large scale by Linardaki and Parisot in order to convert notions of class.

Text by Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos for the PAPER MOON exhibition. Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymno.


Fashionable in those years  it highlighted the face and witnessed the status of a person.

By making it in A4 machine paper, much bigger than the original size, it becomes a sort of grotesque sculptural version that speaks about the ridicule of past fashions and styles. It also speaks of the "selfie" in a different age. 

Today, as form of reportage/performance, we put  the collar on modern public statues that people don't notice to highlight them. Eirini/vincent