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Audible collaborates with Newark artists to create large-scale artworks downtown, from a comic-book mural, to historically inspired billboards, to child-friendly sculptural seating at the Newark Public Library. Hear from artists Cazorla + Saleme, Hans Lundy and Malcolm Rolling of YENDOR, Eirini Linardaki, and Noelle Lorraine Williams about their projects, and from Don Katz, founder of Audible.

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Newark Airport 

Rachel Fawn Alban - Eirini Four Corners 2023.jpg


WAVES / PASSAIC (IMMIGRATION AND HISTORY) (sidewalk 2019 and mural 2023)

Treat Place, Newark project made with Four Corners Public Arts and Newark Arts, July 2023

All photos by Rachel Fawn Alban @fawn_photos coordinated by Project for Empty Space and Rebecca Jampol

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