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MTA Arts & Design launched the commissioned five-screen digital animated artwork,
Diaphanous Pareidolia for Grand Central Madison, NYC by greek-french artist Eirini Linardaki


Sample Linardaki 7.png

MTA Arts & Design launched Diaphanous Pareidolia, a five-screen digital animated artwork commissioned for Grand Central Madison in NYCby Greek-French artist Eirini Linardaki

I am so proud to share this project with you and all the passengers who travel through Grand Central Madison in the heart of New York City.


Thank you to MTA Arts & Design for developing its fantastic public art program and for allowing me to create and install this series of animations designed for Grand Central.


Ten years after my first project in the USA, one of my dreams has come true - to display art with the MTA for public transportation users. As the proud daughter of a bus driver, my dad often took me with him on his morning bus routes, and I fondly remember sitting at the front and chatting along the way. I know if he were still here, he would be smiling.


Look closely at the animations in this 95-foot-long installation, and you will see many of my friends and family represented as train passengers, including my mom, brother, and dad (who is driving the passing bus!).


All the pattern collages you see reflect the multiculturalism of the city's communities through their colors, designs, and styles.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this project - I am so happy to be part of the MTA Arts & Design program. And a special thank you to my friend Bruno Monteny, who helped me with so many of the technical aspects of this animation program.

The DUMBO projection project, March-April 2024,
, projected animated collage on BQE, Brooklyn, New York
This project was initially created during the inaugural phase of Audible's Newark Artist 


Watch on PBS

Audible collaborates with Newark artists to create large-scale artworks downtown, from a comic-book mural, to historically inspired billboards, to child-friendly sculptural seating at the Newark Public Library. Hear from artists Cazorla + Saleme, Hans Lundy and Malcolm Rolling of YENDOR, Eirini Linardaki, and Noelle Lorraine Williams about their projects, and from Don Katz, founder of Audible.

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 10.12_edited.jpg
Rachel Fawn Alban - Eirini Four Corners 2023.jpg


WAVES / PASSAIC (IMMIGRATION AND HISTORY), Linardaki Eirini, (sidewalk 2019 and mural 2023)

Treat Place, Newark project made with Four Corners Public Arts and Newark Arts, July 2023

All photos by Rachel Fawn Alban @fawn_photos coordinated by Project for Empty Space and Rebecca Jampol



I cried a river over, Eirini Linardaki and Vincent Parisot, Marbles, Agios Nikolas, Crete, 2020-2021

The Spirit of the Stairs, curated by Eleni Koukou and Theofilos Trampoulis, invites artists to create original works in the network of stairs of Agios Nikolaos in Crete.

Rachel Fawn Alban - NAC - 5.10.2022-49.jpg


Diaphanous, animation, 5',

This work was created as part of the inaugural phase of Audible’s Newark Artist Collaboration.

Image Credit: Rachel Fawn Alban, Courtesy of Audible, Inc.



Marmaromaimou, wall painting, Natural History Museum of Crete, Greece, Vincent Parisot, 2021


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