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I cried a river over, On site installation, marbles collage, 2020.

Agios Nikolaos, Crete. Within the project "spirit of the stairs", municipality of Agios Nikolaos with curators Eleni Koukou and Theophilos Tramboulis.

Marbles : Sikis, Tinos, Dionysos, Kavala, Kyknos, Volakas, Red Travertine, Gortynas, Phaistos, Kokkinaras.

With the generous donation of Cretamar (Agios Nikolaos)


For the last 43 years, I have been looking at mosaics, looking close to them was looking at the universe inside my head. My first memories of shape and form research were while looking at our bathroom floor.                         

I always lost what I thought I saw: boats, figures, smiles and always needed to find new ones. Similarly to looking at the sky there is a magic random infinite world while looking at marbles. 

Marbles carry the imprints of molecules running through them before becoming stone and images/shapes of running matter. Our ideas of shapes and forms and what we manage to leave, sometimes, an imprint, a moment seizure that will outlast us, this is what for us it is to produce a form of art: managing, in the most loyal manner, to imprint our ideas/creativity as close as possible to ourselves. 

This project carries an homage, of course, to all those mosaics, but so much more. The collage of shapes is inspired by archeological conservancy methods. Inside the river of these marbles, we distinct important symbols and elements of the Cretan environment for us: the anthropomorphic monkeys from the Knossos frescoes, the figs and fig leaves that have been the source of “sycophants” and have grown wildly on the edge of Cretan habitats forever with the wish (or curse) to life the houses, and lastly the ex-votos left on the mountain sanctuaries of Crete reaching for contact with the divine at the closest geographical height. All these elements are running down the stairs in Agios Nikolaos in a composition, collage of shapes and forms imprinting a seized visual layer inviting us to look closer. 

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