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Theirland, a not unnatural enterprise, installation, 2006.

This is a project that we conducted in situ in a former military camp facing an active NATO base.

The installation consists of a bed-raft and two videos.


The ancient war, video, 2006.

We had transported by a team of young men this raft-bed with a young woman, from the camp across the road and down to the bay.

The young woman who played the role of the ubducted was accompanied on the water by one of the men.

They have been transported by the waves on this bed in the Thermaikos bay along the fishing boats. The process of capturing the images (film and photography) has something of the precipitation of war reporting. Two cameras have been used to accentuate this impression, while two photographers have followed the group to transcribe this situation of effort and haste.


The absent one, video, 2006.

A film made at the gateway of the residence building, three women waiting in front of the NATO base.

(backround images replaced by the sea).

Theirland, a not unnatural enterprise, Collection Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.
Artists' nonfictions, In progress.

What turns you on? HERAKLIO - NEW YORK CITY - PARIS

alternative urban guides made by artists

People will reveal on video what specifically it is about their city that fuels their creativity. Is it place or object or idea?

This will be a platform functioning as an alternative to the common static urban guide.


Each presentation, walk and interview will be rendered as a short personal video.

When combined together, they will become chapters in a non-linear narrative

about pleasure and materiality; environment and urban planning , food, tools, supplies etc...

Collaborators : 

Vasilis Flouris, cinematographer

Dorota Walentynowicz, visual artist

Shani Ha, visual artist

Stylianos Papardelas, photographer

Manolis Foinikianakis, visual artist

Richard Hayman, artist

Kevin O'Neill, digital preservation specialist

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