The Cosmic Microwave Background

This work was created as part of the inaugural phase of Audible’s Newark Artist Collaboration. Image Credit: Rachel Fawn Alban, Courtesy of Audible, Inc.


I cried a river over you

On-site installation, Agios Nikolaos, Crete, 2020.

Marble collage 

Curators Eleni Koukou and Theophilos Tramboulis.

Marbles: Sikis, Tinos, Dionysos, Kavala, Kyknos, Volakas, Red Travertine, Gortynas, Phaistos, Kokkinaras. 

Four Corners Public Arts, Newark, NJ

Four Corners Public Arts is an ongoing collaboration between the City via Invest Newark, the Newark Downtown District (NDD), Newark Arts, and local property owners RBH Group and Paramount Asset that advocates for impact-driven, public art initiatives in and surrounding Broad St. and Market St. in Downtown Newark. 

Eirini Linardaki in collaboration with Discovery Charter School (Newark, NJ)


Hommocks Middle School, Larchmont, NY

Permanent installation, aluminum, enamel paint, 2019.

The mural represents the children of the school within their daily activities and classes. The children of the school created their silhouettes during workshops with their art teachers and the artist. The patterns on their silhouettes tell the story of the different origins and the cultural diversity of the school environment.

Outdoor interventions


installations, murals, other forms of public interventions you can see outdoors in different cities.



logement sociaux, 

Mairie de Paris 11eme

For this social housing and art project, I painted directly on the floor of the courtyard of the buildings of 125-127 rue de Charonne, using street marking techniques and the same color codes (white, yellow, red, blue).

I made a line grid (5cm wide) that diverts the movements of the tenants by visually modifying their daily routes, in order to symbolically create links between the tenants and their different trajectories, through the entrance doors ABCDEFGH.

Raise /public art installation

Branch Brook park, Newark N.J.

Several concepts inspired this project : one comes from one of my young sons, Odysseas, who often mind-travels to faraway places when he is in his classroom in Crete.  I can imagine that when his teacher speaks of Ulysses' adventures on his return home to Ithaca, for example, my son is in the moment, like many students, journeying in his imagination along with fantastic beasts through mysterious seas.


L'arbre dans l'escalier

French Institute Athens 

The trunks were painted from trees outside the Institute, visible through the windows of the stairs and offices. The texts written on the trunks are quotations from authors mentioned by the staff of the IFA during their exchanges with us about the discovery of literature during their childhood and youth

Athanatos - for ever

On-site mural, French Institute of Greece ​


Whattoseesottahw, Tompkins Square Park, NYC

to finish the way together

Résidence territoriale en milieu scolaire, Drac, Essonne, France.


Paint barbed wire

Institute Abuja, Nigeria, 2016.

Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC Department of Transportation and NYCares.

linardaki-parisot frutopia .jpg


A multi-discipline performance piece 

in the public space