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trailer : Vasilis Flouris

Artists' nonfictions

What turns you on? HERAKLIO - NEW YORK CITY - PARIS

alternative urban guides made by artists

People will reveal on video what specifically it is about their city that fuels their creativity. Is it place or object or idea?

This will be a platform functioning as an alternative to the common static urban guide.


Each presentation, walk and interview will be rendered as a short personal video.

When combined together, they will become chapters in a non-linear narrative

about pleasure and materiality; environment and urban planning , food, tools, supplies etc...

Collaborators : 

Vasilis Flouris, cinematographer

Dorota Walentynowicz, visual artist

Shani Ha, visual artist

Stylianos Papardelas, photographer

Manolis Foinikianakis, visual artist

Richard Hayman, artist

Kevin O'Neill, digital preservation specialist

The Ear Inn, NY : Shani Ha, Richard Hayman, Kevin O'Neill and Stylianos Papardelas,

artists from Heraklion, Paris and New York share stories.

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