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escape routes (atheati poli / former police station) 

One of the results of the current geopolitical reality is extreme dislocation. War, fear, poverty and misery currently force millions to abandon their homes to dangerous and uncertain futures. Even when not faced with such extreme existential choices, it is fundamental in human experience to imagine an escape from lives which seemingly bind them to results of choices not of their own making. I wish to provide with my work both the recognition of that struggle and the means by which to escape it in our imagination.

Bed sheets attached together make an escape rope from the police station's upper floors and from the room where Vincent Parisot’s installation is.

This installation fits in a series of new works where I use sheets and canvases to create images or fantasies of escape routes.

Many thanks to Atheati Poli for organizing the exhibition and to Vassilis Flouris photographer for these photos. 

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