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CATHIE / 620 Highland Ave


I grew up in Newark, NJ. A happy memory of my childhood includes dressing up for Easter Sunday visits to Branch Brook Park. A happy place for me is in my home library with my dog at my feet. Important things from my personal and family life include, my dog, my books, family photos and memorabilia, my huge Rabbit figurine collection, my antique furniture and collectibles, a tennis racquet, my father's golf clubs.


My two favorite colors are Blue and Purple, they are both complimentary to my skin tones and thus dominate both my clothing and my home decorating. My house is cream with brown trim on the exterior and the interior is mostly blue and white. I like the paisley pattern and I love purple Iris, Peony, and Lily of the Valley, (there were a lot in grandmother’s garden). Dogs and cats have always been an important part of the family as has our Catholic faith and being educated in Catholic schools.

As a 4th-generation Newarker, I am fascinated by its history and development over the past 350+ years. And I want to encourage all our residents to respect that history. Branch Brook Park has always been an important part of our lives, and I wrote a book about the park.

The Great Depression was a significant historic event in our family’s history, as it turned my mother's family from business- and homeowners to unemployed house renters.

The ethnicity of our neighbourhood has evolved, - there are now not as many residents of European heritage anymore and therefore our celebrations and business enterprises are more reflective of the current majority residents. I try to educate residents in our historic district about the responsibilities of living in a historic district as well as its benefits, so we may all work to maintain the historic character of Forest Hill. I have written a book about the Forest Hill Historic District and encourage residents to read it.

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