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Raise, SAW Bay Ridge animal hospital, 2017

This is a project I made while working within public schools based on the creative imagination of students, the stories they had to tell me and the chairs they were using in class. The project includes my own memories of mythological fictive animals I created as a child and my own journeys while I was sitting myself in a school chair escaping in my head.

The installation is made with fabrics from Liberia and drawings of school chairs. The location was the Bay Ridge animal hospital and it was installed from May 13th 2017 for one month.

Bay Ridge Storefront Art Walk was created in 2010 by local business owners and artists, as a way to showcase the diverse community of Bay Ridge and give it a unique platform for engagement and dialogue with the visual arts. While Bay Ridge is home to many artists and art-lovers, the neighborhood is under-served and underfunded in terms of public arts spending and grants.

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